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Lance Otto, Executive Director
30288 260th St
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Minnesota Independent Crop Consultants Association

Promoting the Profession of Agricultural Consulting For the Best Interests of the Ag Community

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MNICCA Membership Types

Members - $100/year

Provides independent agricultural crop consulting services to the public on a fee basis. Derives their livelihood from offering objective, professional advice in matters relating to crop production and who acts as a private contractor. Certified by NAICC, ARCPACS or the CCA program.

Affiliate - $100/year

Meets most of the qualifications as a MNICCA Member, but isn’t a certified crop advisor (CCA) or may be associated with a business selling agricultural products.

Sustaining Members - $250/$50/year

A Sustaining Member shall be any corporation or organization that wishes to support the
An individual representative of said organization shall have the same rights, privileges and
obligations of a Member, but may not vote or hold office. A representative of the Sustaining
Membership may serve on committees.

Academic Members - $50/year

An Academic Member shall be an individual of the academic community approved by the
Membership and Rules committee, with official approval by majority vote.

Academic Members have the same rights, privileges and obligations of a Member with the following exceptions: Academic Members shall not hold office in the Association or have voting power. Academic Members may serve on but may not chair committees.

Student Members - $25/year

A Student Member shall be a college student in good academic standing pursuing courses
in crop management. A Student Member must be approved by the Membership and Rules committee.
Student Members shall be encouraged to participate in the activities of the Association, but shall not hold office or have voting power.

Honorary Members

An Honorary Member shall be anyone who is nominated and approved by a majority vote
at an official meeting of the membership. The Honorary Member shall not hold office in the Association or have voting power.
Honorary Members must be nominated by a Member and approved by the Membership and Rules committee. The basis of this honor is to award those individuals who have significantly contributed to the promotion and expansion of innovative crop management practices.

About us

MNICCA is an association unifying agronomists throughout Minnesota in their effort to promote agricultural consulting. Only agronomists with a high level of education and experience are accepted into MNICCA.

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Show your commitment to keeping agriculture strong in Minnesota by joining MNICCA. Where you're an agronomist or involved in the agriculture industry, there is a place for you in our organization.

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